The Brother

Star Allistar:

So, boyfriend #1 dies in a tragic car accident and boyfriend #2 mysteriously vanishes without a trace. One would think I would get a clue and lay off the boyfriends at least until I graduated high school. To say I didn’t expect Brighton Sterling to come into my life and make things difficult is a stretch. What I didn’t expect was for him to lie to me about who he is and why he and his family moved to my small neck of the woods. I should stay away from him. Unfortunately, I have a habit of doing things I shouldn’t do. 

Meliena and the Wolves are out for blood. They want to find Drake’s captors and destroy them. They seem to be under the impression all the blame can be placed on the Falcons…Brighton’s family specifically. Now I’m stuck in a losing battle. If I side with the Wolves, I am accusing Brighton of being a monster. If I side with Brighton, I betray Drake. Either way, I lose someone.

With Drake gone, communication between the heavens and the Guardians has stopped. Someone must find out who is really behind his disappearance and restore the order, and judging by the insanity surrounding me, I am the only person sane enough for the job…or maybe I am the crazy one. 

Brighton Sterling:

Drake Knight killed my brother.

The mission is simple: move into town, make the mutt pay, and then leave before anyone suspects anything. Falling in love is unacceptable… 

Raphael was my twin. That type of bond doesn’t go away with death. Yet, rather than staying on course in administering justice on his behalf, I’m wavering because of a broken girl who never asked to be brought into our messed-up world. I can’t fight the attraction, and I’m not sure I want to. Unfortunately, the plan is already in motion, and I left no room for error. Star will suffer…unless I can find a way to stop it. 

But who do I give up: my brother…or a girl whose heart could already belong to another man?

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