Tale of Two Wolves

I should be dead.    

It’s the Guardian rule. When one part of a destined pair dies, the other must follow shortly after…but I’m still alive.   

The longer I waited for death after my husband John died, the crazier I became until I landed myself in an insane asylum, otherwise known as hell on earth.    

I thought my living was a punishment for something I’d done, but then I met Mack Green, the sexy sheriff and Alpha of the neighboring wolf pack. He gave me hope that I wasn’t broken and made me believe there was such a thing as second love.   

Then he died, too.   

 I refuse to break down this time around. I don’t need a man to keep me sane. So, when two strangers claiming to be the resurrected Mack and John show up on my doorstep, I naturally think I’m losing my mind…again.    

As if having my husband and boyfriend fighting for the rights to my heart isn’t bad enough, Fate, a demented fallen angel, decides I would be the perfect addition to her army.   

Fate will stop at nothing to trap me into servitude, including destroying the two men who matter most to me. No matter how hard Mack and John battle for my heart, I know it’s up to me to decide how the story ends.  

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